Many of our Early Learning Centres offer a Preschool program for children from three to five years of age. Our Preschool program is carefully designed by qualified teachers who develop our curriculum based on early childhood educational theories and practice.

The Preschool program is a rich and stimulating experience that provides a range of important opportunities that not only prepare your child for school, but also for life. Our Preschool program is for children in the year before they start primary school. Our play-based approach emphasises learning through exploration, investigation and opportunities to practice problem solving, thinking skills, creativity and lateral thinking.

The educational program focuses on the importance of developing life skills in preparation for entering school. We provide children opportunities to practice independence, socialisation and self-help skills.

Name City/Suburb
North West
Alexander Beetle House Burnie
Milpara Burnie
Ulverstone Ulverstone
Bungawitta Newnham
Launceston Launceston
Ravenswood Ravenswood
Dominic Glenorchy
Illara Preschool Glenorchy
Green Point Hobart
Lauderdale Lauderdale
Sacred Heart New Town
Sorell Sorell