Dominic Early Learning Centre is located next to Dominic College in Tolosa Street, Glenorchy. Dominic has been purpose built to provide an innovative and dynamic learning environment. The service has a central hub room which brings children together and creates a sense of community and belonging.

Dominic's welcoming approach allows for children from a diverse range of cultures, to come together to celebrate and share their traditions allowing all children to develop a strong sense of self identity in a supportive and responsive environment.

Dominic Outside School Hours Care operates from Dominic College and offers an inviting and welcoming program that caters to the interests and needs of school aged children.

P: 6273 6005


204a, Tolosa Street, Glenorchy, 7010, Tasmania, Australia


The service employs a fully qualified chef to prepare nutritional meals, including breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Seasonal rotating menus are designed to take into account children’s likes and dislikes, special dietary requirements and the Australian Dietary and Infant Feeding Guidelines.

Dominic Early Learning Centre is a Move Well Eat Well accredited service.


Dominic Early Learning Centre and Outside School Hours Care has a dedicated service bus that enables daily excursions into the community and visits to Lenah Valley Bush Camp.

Discovery Early Learning Centres is accredited with the Tasmanian Department of Transportation as a public passenger vehicle service.

Additional Programs


Dominic has a strong focus on sustainability and connecting children with nature. Our bush camp creates opportunities for learning and unstructured experiences while exploring the natural environment. Our 3-5 year old children and children from Outside School Hours Care regularly visit our Lenah Valley Bush Camp, where they explore the natural bush land, native flora and fauna, flowing creek with fresh pristine water from Mt. Wellington / Kunanyi and hidden treasures rich with history. This experience is an integral part of the ongoing curriculum at the service.


The Discovery bus enables regular opportunities to go on excursions and strengthen links with the local community. These excursions expose children to a range of different experiences and enable them to further connect with their community. Children also have the opportunity to enjoy regular walking excursions to a variety of locations.

We have a special relationship with Dominic College, and attend their Launching Into Learning program each week.


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  • Co-Director
    Olivia Hamori

    Olivia began her journey at Discovery in 2012 as a school based trainee; as she gained knowledge and experience she became a Room Leader before stepping into the Assistant Director role. Olivia is a valued member of the Discovery team and has built strong relationships with the children, staff and families over the years. She is passionate about creating positive culture and a nurturing environment at Dominic. Olivia enjoys travelling and spending her time in the outdoor environment with friends and family.

  • Co-Director
    Kara Halton

    Kara has been with Discovery since 2009 and has extensive experience in leadership roles. Kara's passion is in creating environments that are rich with experiences & learning, that are inclusive and allow for growth & fun. All children need to feel safe and supported as they build the skills to become independent & confident adults. As a parent herself, Kara understands child development and the importance of supporting children through their experiences & challenges - ensuring their success in the future.


Early Learning

0 to 5 years

Our Early Learning Centres offer play based learning in a safe, nurturing environment.


3 to 5 years

Our preschool program focuses on the importance of developing life skills in preparation for entering primary school.

Outside School Hours Care

4 to 12 years

Including Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care.

Lenah Valley Bush Camp

3 to 12 years

At Bush Camp children participate in unstructured activities and explore the natural environment.