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Sparking Imagination!

Stories and storytelling are an integral part of being human, and have been for thousands of years. Using books and stories as part of our work with young children presents immense opportunities for learning, in so many ways (Early Childhood Australia).

Baby reading

Reading to and with the children, storytelling, talking and singing are ways in which we spark imagination and develop meaningful relationships.

The Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has been celebrating Book Week since 1945 - bringing children and books together across Australia highlighting the importance of reading in a way that captures the children's interest and celebrates the joy of storytelling and imagination.

Sharing stories and reading positively effects child development - learning get to know sounds, words and language, and develop early literacy skills; learning to value books and stories; sparking the children's imagination and stimulating their curiosity, and helping them learn about their world, their culture and other cultures. (Raising Children Network)

Discovery celebrated Book Week across the state with our Educators taking the opportunity to join the children in sharing the joy of storytelling and imagination - dressing up together, reading, talking, singing and celebrating their favourite books.

Ulverstone Green Room book week

Throughout the week children and educators at Discovery Ulverstone used their imaginations as they followed the Book Week theme of "Dreaming with our eyes open". They created and explored a variety of themed experiences, dressed up as their favourite book characters, and shared lots of different stories, highlighting the importance of reading and literature.

Magic school bus

Our Dominic service finished Book Week with their very own Magic School Bus rides. The children set off on the Discovery bus to Tolosa park, looking for various magical items that were placed around the park for the children to find.

Discovery Launceston saw an array of characters enter the service from the rainbow fish, various animals, emergency service workers to many superheroes. It was a great week celebrating books and Australian children’s authors and illustrators. The service sent a huge thanks to all the families, children and the team for their enthusiasm and engagement in sparking a love of reading through the children's early years.

Ravenswood book week

The children and Educators at our Ravenswood service also dressed up and then went on the ultimate Book Week parade of a walk around our community with Ravenswood Child and Family Centre to show their wonderful costumes! They received many beautiful comments and waves from their community members - sharing their joy across the broader community.