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Lifelong learning and growing together

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better"

- Maya Angelou

Discovery's Mission is 'Empowering people to make a difference'. Achieving this takes a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to our Vision, Philosophy and Values - everyone from our most senior Leaders, our Educators who are establishing themselves as Leaders within the sector, to our very new Trainees. They all take on professional development and learning opportunities for the continual improvement and growth of our organisation and the sector.

We have seen this in action recently with our CEO, Managers, Directors and Assistant Directors in a Leadership Workshop with Anthony Semann; team members being recognised and celebrated on their 5 and 10 year anniversaries with Discovery, and our newest Trainees settling into their Traineeships and developing skills as an Early Childhood Education and Care professional.

We have been working hard at strengthening our workforce by implementing Traineeship Programs and inviting enthusiastic and passionate people to take on a career in Early Childhood Education and Care. Our Trainees are valued members of our teams; we are so grateful for their energy and eagerness to learn and join our noble profession. Our communities need more ECEC professionals and we are taking our responsibility of nurturing them very seriously as we welcome them to the world of empowering people to make a difference and shaping the future!

We continue to have so much to celebrate - it is especially wonderful to celebrate our dedicated and committed educators who have pursued their careers in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector with us year after year. Please join us in acknowledging and CELEBRATING our educators who recently passed their 5- and 10-year anniversaries with Discovery - we are honoured to have their ongoing commitment to Discovery and to the children and families they educate, nurture and care for each and every day.

Together we learn more, to know more, and then we do better.