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Discovery's commitment to Reconciliation in action

Discovery is committed to embedding Aboriginal history and culture in our everyday educational program and fostering a higher level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, culture and contributions.

Jo Walsh, CEO, Discovery Early Learning Centres, 2020
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Joey Williams and Kayla Cooper, who are proud Aboriginal women, have again been travelling the state running the interactive training sessions 'From Gumnuts to buttons' with Discovery team members.

From Gumnuts to buttons: a walk-through Tasmanian history from an Aboriginal perspective was Developed with funding from the Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs under their Indigenous Education Strategic Initiatives Program.

“Walk in our shoes, see through our eyes and journey alongside us…” - the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.

From Gumnuts to Buttons was developed in Tasmania in 2002, by Mr Philip Kelly and the Aboriginal Education Unit of Tasmania. It is a visual and interactive simulation activity to assist participants to gain an understanding and empathy for the history of the Aboriginal community.

Joey and Kayla were both trained to present the training and have been doing so since 2020. Their training equips their fellow educators with the appropriate knowledge so that they are able to offer more meaningful and relevant experiences for the children in their care, embedding a culture of understanding, knowledge, pride and respect for Australia’s first people.

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