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Community Connections

It is in our Philosophy to give the children opportunities to EXPLORE and build connections with their natural and constructed worlds; as well as DISCOVER and build connections with their communities that are reflective and responsive. We do this by getting out and about within our communities; we have community organisations come and visit us at our centres; we build rewarding and meaningful relationships with schools and other institutions within our communities, and we run countless fundraising events to support vulnerable members in our communities.

Connection to community gives children a sense of belonging and help them develop their social skills. ACECQA’s National Education Leader, Rhonda Livingstone, writes that:

"Participation in a community supports children to contribute to their world

Having everyday experiences and participating with the people and places of a community enables children to observe, engage, understand and actively contribute to their expanding world. This supports children to live interdependently with others, be decision-makers and have influence. The ability to participate in different communities – a central element of citizenship – helps young children to respond to diversity and become socially responsible." (‘It takes a village to raise a child’: The role of community – Part 2)